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Price: $74,000
Bed: 3 Bath: 2.00

Price: $85,000
Bed: 2 Bath: 2.00

Price: $72,300
Bed: Bath: 2.00
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Texarkana AR Demographics and Housing Data*

Population - White:
Median Age:
Population - Black:
Median Age - Female:
Population - Asian:
Median Age - Male:
Population - Native:
Population - Female:
Population - Hispanic:
Population - Male:
Population - Hawaiian:
Population - Other:
* Data from US Census

Arkansas Foreclosure Market Data

Housing units (2009): 1.3 million
Total Number of Properties w/ Foreclosure Filings (2008): 14,300
Number of Properties w/ Foreclosure Filings (Oct. 2010): 2,000
Foreclosure Rate: 1 out of every 647 properties
Number of Foreclosure Sales (2010): 980
Arkansas Median Foreclosure Sale Price (2010): $144,000
National Average Foreclosure Sales Price (2010): $171,400

Arkansas properly earns its nickname, "The Natural State," with its awe-inspiring mountain ranges and its abundance of absolutely gorgeous forestries. The state’s "Lowlands" is made up two regions: the Delta and the Grand Prairie with the Arkansas Delta enveloped in rich, fertile land. Arkansas is also the site of numerous caves such as the Blanchard Springs Caverns and is the only state in the nation that mines for diamonds. Those who appreciate the great outdoors and its natural wonders can have the advantage of being surrounded by Arkansas’ numerous protected national parks such as the Trail of Tears, Hot Springs National Park, Buffalo National River, and Arkansas Post National Memorial at Gillett. Arkansas is a great place to search for a foreclosure property with a great discount price. With over 5,700 foreclosure properties in the market for sale, homebuyers have a wealth of opportunities to choose from in Arkansas. The median foreclosure home sale price is $144,000. At this time, Benton County is seeing the highest number of foreclosure properties in the state. There are over 430 properties for sale on Benton County’s foreclosure market. The city of Washington comes in second with over 340 recent foreclosures.

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